Our Ethos

“The capability to recycle is quite limited in the world. We’re only recycling 14% of plastics.”

As an organiser of races we try to do as little harm as possible to the environment.
  • We offer our medals as an optional extra. Because of the economy of scale there is no profit in this. We only charge what they cost. The reasons for this.
    • We do not want to generate waste. Some people do not want a medal.
    • We believe you should only pay for things you want. So if you don't want a medal you don't pay for one.
    • We understand this may be the first time you have run as far as this and want to remember it.
    • We plan to look into more environmentally friendly medals in the future.
  • Currently we don't offer t-shirts.
    • Tec t-shirts are made from polyester, which is a plastic
    • We may introduce optional t-shirts in the future, but they will be made from cotton and will be biodegradable.
    • Our races have a no plastic cups policy.
    • We ask you to bring a reusable collapsible cup or bottle with you on your journey.
    • This also stops rubbish falling into the canal.
    • We double sweep our events and clear more rubbish away than our runners deposit
    • We have an automatic ban from all our races for littering.

We don't believe recycling is the answer. We believe not producing unwanted items is the place to start.