Events we run

Grimley Raceway 6hr - 3rd edition 2021 Coming soon

Please note this race is held on the grounds of a raceway. only 25% of it is on the track, the other 75% is around the grounds and is grass and mud paths.

There is no finish line.
In a timed race you have 6 hours to run as far as you can on the 1km course.

Enter solo or as a team. Teams are made up of 3 people. All 3 run for the 6 hours (or as little as they want to) Together or at their own pace. Their distances are added together to give us a winning team with the most miles.

Family and friends are welcome to come and supporters the runners. Pitch a tent next to the course and shout yourself hoarse!

TRA Permit to be applied for

The course is around the tarmac raceway and then out and around the grounds on mixed grass and hard path sections so road shoes will be ok to run in, if dry. Bring trail shoes along too.

If you have any questions please leave a post on our facebook page

Address - Grimley Raceway, A443, Grimley, Worcester, WR2 6LS